The Name

Lono is the Hawaiian God of peace, fertility, rain and agriculture.  We believe he best represents our aim for the company.

Our Story

We started LoNo Transpo to provide visitors to Hawaii with a personalized alternative to the corporate rental car options.  We have enjoyed driving these vehicles ourselves and concluded visitors might also appreciate the vintage luxury vehicles.

Oahu is growing at a rapid pace and we believe our company can help alleviate some of the pollution by modifying existing diesel cars in order for them to be able to use WVO.  All our cars come from Oahu so we are not bring any "new cars" to this already congested island.


Both founders - Derek Lindes and Sean Aronson - have been active members of the Hawaii's environmentally conscious community for about five years.  

Sean was born on Maui and grew up on the mainland. In college, he promoted the University's recycling program by dressing as "can man" and visiting the dining halls.   Sean is a filmmaker who recently completed his second documentary.  In the Fall, Sean will be pursuing his J.D. at the University of Hawaii's Richardson School of Law.  He is planning on becoming an environmental lawyer in order to ensure Hawaii's future is bright.

Derek, originally from Ohio, has been driving WVO-fueled vehicles for 5 years.  He learned the ropes of the business in Ohio and is applying that knowledge here on Oahu.  Derek also works on farms and is connected with many of the burgeoning green movements on the island such as roof-top farming and permaculture farming practices.